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Save Hamburg

"Save Hamburg" is part of a series of international step challenges to playfully draw attention to the expansion of future technologies, sustainable action and to the preservation of Antarctica. More: Click on the photo above.

Start: Dec. 1, 2023   -   Ziel: Jan. 1, 2024

25.00 / Person inkl. MwSt.

What is it about?

Robert Swan was the first person to reach both poles, the North Pole and South Pole, on foot. On his journey, he experienced climate change firsthand, and has since dedicated himself to protecting Antarctica. With the founding of the organization "2041", he makes a positive contribution to inform, engage and inspire people worldwide to work responsibly and sustainably for promising technologies and the preservation of Antarctica. 

Antarctica is unique and probably one of the last and most beautiful wildernesses on our planet. Antarctica's special significance lies in the fact that it contains 90% of the world's ice mass and 70% of its drinking water. Unlike the Arctic, Antarctica is on solid ground. If this ice were to melt due to increasing global warming, the cities near the coast would be flooded. We want to prevent this. And become ambassadors for the "2041" mission through our Steps Challenge. 

Instingo is partnering with Robert Swan and the 2041 organization and will support engagement with a series of challenges. And in a playful way: based on our step challenges. Always following the motto "Playfully change behavior".  We don't want to lecture on the basis of our Step Challenges, nor do we want to point a finger or urge people to do without. Our aim is to give suggestions, to show national and global ways and to point out the uniqueness of Antarctica.

Anyone can take part in the challenges as an individual or team and save a city virtually "step by step" with their steps.  The steps competition will initially start with a four-week challenge "Save Hamburg" and will then be continued with the same motto for other cities "Save N.Y.. , etc. In the challenge "Save Hamburg" you will see a view of Hamburg under water and the display of the water level (level) from 10 to 1. You have the opportunity to reduce the water level from level 10 to level 1 by your steps and answering questions. And "save" the city.

As the year comes to an end, Robert Swan invites us to follow along with his son Barney Swan and a number of intrepid explorers on a mission called "Undaunted." Find out more at the link:

Together, Robert and the Undaunted team will demonstrate true resilience - physically, mentally and spiritually. As former military personnel who literally bear the scars of war on their bodies, the team will also highlight one of Antarctica's most extraordinary qualities: that it is the only place on Earth never marred by the ugliness of human conflict.

Upon their return, the veterans will become ambassadors for Antarctica and sustainability and will support companies on their journey to successfully implement ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance).

Instingo will communicate this challenge under the name "Undaunted". 

How does it work?

You can book the Challenge on the website

To participate, they need a fitness tracker (Garmin, Polar, Samsung or Fitbit) or an Android smartphone with the GoogleFit app or with IOS/Apple and Apple Health. 

After registration, you can download the instingo app from the corresponding app store (Google Play/Apple).

A few days before the start of the Challenge you will receive the login data with an activation code.

In the Log In area of the website you will be guided through the self-registration process and connect your fitness tracker or Google Fit App/Apple Health with the website of the Challenge "Save Hamburg" in a few steps.  In a few minutes you will be connected and your steps will be automatically transferred with each synchronization. You have the possibility to register as an individual or as a team. 

On the event page you see the view "Hamburg under water" and the water level from 10 to 1. You start at water level 10. Your current position on the virtual journey from level 10 to level 1 is shown by your avatar. Furthermore you will see an avatar of your team (if you joined a team) and one for the average of all participants. At each new level, as your step count increases, a pop up appears with information and questions about Antarctica and climate change. With an average step count of 7,000 steps per day, you can reduce your water level from 10 to 1 in 4 weeks. Hamburg is visible again and "everything will be fine.

How can I participate?

To participate in the "Save Hamburg" challenge, go to the website and click on the "Save Hamburg" challenge.  Here you can get more info.

To participate, they need a fitness tracker (Garmin, Polar, Samsung or Fitbit) or an Android smartphone with the GoogleFit app or with IOS/Apple and Apple Health. 

On the website you can book the Challenge directly for 25 Euro per person (incl. VAT). (30% of the amount we donate to the organization

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Dec. 1, 2023   -   Ziel: Jan. 1, 2024

25.00 / Person inkl. MwSt.