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Motivierte & gesunde Mitarbeitende durch innovativen Schrittwettbewerb. Mit der BGM Maßnahme die Gesundheit Ihrer Mitarbeitenden fördern. Individuelle Anpassung an Ihre Erwartungen und professioneller Support.

80+ Unternehmen vertrauen uns.

High Motivation

Our program has goals, one common and one for each team. Because only those who work towards something do so with success. This is how we keep motivation high. and Booster days or virtual follow-up teams create additional incentives.

Lots of Movement

In our challenges, the participants reached from the first to the last week over 7,000 steps daily. Activities such as cycling, Yoga, swimming, etc. automatically converted into steps.


Everyone talks about the challenge - across departmental boundaries, in home office and in the media. Because teams compete against each other and working towards a common goal at the same time creates new contacts. Through the integration of MS teams, Slack, etc., communication is strengthened.

Inspirieren Sie mit gezielten Ankündigungen.

Geben Sie Ihren Mitarbeitern einen Grund, sich mit etwas anderem als der Arbeit zu verbinden. Schritte-Challenges bringen Mitarbeiter über Teams, Abteilungen und Standorte hinweg zusammen. Steigern Sie die Unternehmenskultur und -moral. Verwenden Sie Ankündigungen via Push Nachrichten oder E-Mails, um Maßnahmen anzuregen, zeitnahe Informationen zu senden oder Ihr umfassenderes Wellnessprogramm direkt in der Instingo-App zu bewerben. Erstellen und planen Sie Ihre Ankündigungen im Admin Center.

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Mehr als 80 Unternehmen weltweit vertrauen uns.

Bereits über 2000 Teams haben erfolgreich an der Schritte Challenge teilgenommen.

Best-Selling Schritte Challenges

What we can

Software Rules the World.


Software Development

You are looking for tailored software solutions with high quality and individual software developments and no off-the-shelf code. We can do that.


UX & UI Design

When creating your design, we put the user first and foremost and develop all measures and ideas from the point of view of the end user. We guarantee a simple and smooth interaction with the product.


Marketing and Communication

We offer countless efficient methods to build trust and credibility. With instingo you will find a responsible partner.



We integrate gamification into step challenges in order to increase the motivation for success and to reach goals in your company efficiently and sustainably. You can use a digital platform developed in-house or we create individual solutions for you.

The customer benefits from
working with instingo

Our customers benefit from our many years of experience in technical development, Design, Marketing and customer support. The Registration and linking of the digital platform is so easy for every participants. They can do it easily within 5 minutes. Through our clear customer orientation individual customer requirements are adapted and implemented. You can determine how it should look like and community goals can be anything from charity to corporate events.

Easy & Simple



Customer orientated


The results of a step challenge are always up to date in dashboard at a glance .

Das Dashboard spiegelt das Gesamtergebnis Ihre Mitarbeitenden wider. Die Ergebnisse können direkt in das CSR-Reporting Ihres Unternehmens übernommen werden. Sie können Berichte herunterladen, um detaillierte Daten zu individueller Leistung und Engagement, Herausforderungsergebnissen und Gruppenfortschritt im Laufe der Zeit anzuzeigen.

Always up-to-date

You will receive a dashboard upon request.
Always up to date with the latest software updates.

New features on request

New custom features possible on request at any time.
We love technical details.


Our customers are our biggest fans.

Here are a few nice things people have said about us over the years.

"We felt an enormous amount of motivation and energy. That also has that increased sense of belonging to Caverion. The action got us emotional, in both senses of the word."

Patrick, Hartmann, Director Human Ressources, Caverion

"The software and the automatic transfer of the steps worked perfectly. The application was very easy to use and easy to integrate into our work process. The project management was always available. Changes and problems were done and solved always to the fullest satisfaction."

IBS Filtran, Morsbach

"The support was excellent at all times and the communication between our employees and instingo went so smooth. We highly recommend instingo at any time."

Johannesbad SE & Co. KG, München

"I have the feeling I have climbed the mount Everest. That's how often I use stairs"


"On some days we met late in the evening,
to collect steps up to the last minute. That was a huge fun"

Martin Meuselbach

Connect your climate goals and convey climate-friendly behavior
with a step challenge .

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