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Motivated & healthy employees through innovative step competition. Promote the health of your employees with the BGM measure. Individual adaptation to your expectations and professional support.

120+ companies trust us.

A company that cares about the well-being of its employees promotes loyalty and reduces turnover.

You increase your sales with healthier and more satisfied employees by reducing sick days and promoting mental productivity!

A meta-analysis of 63 studies by the Health Enhancement Research Organization (HERO) found that programs to promote employee health and well-being can lead to an average increase in productivity of 20%.

You increase employee motivation and promote a strong team spirit through step challenges, leading to higher productivity and long-term success.

A study by Virgin Pulse found that 67% of employees said that their fitness challenge motivated them to make healthier decisions, and 61% felt closer to their colleagues through the challenge.

You gain better communication between employees and their managers, strengthening collaboration and leading to more effective workflows.

According to studies, 78% of participants said that the challenges led to better collaboration with their colleagues and superiors, which in turn contributes to more effective workflows.

Inspire with targeted announcements.

Give your employees a reason to connect with something other than work. Step challenges bring employees together across teams, departments and locations. Increase corporate culture and morale. Use push notifications or emails to announce measures, send timely information, or promote your more comprehensive wellness program directly in the Instingo app. Create and schedule your announcements in the Admin Center.

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More than 120 companies worldwide trust us.

Already more than 2500 teams have successfully participated in the step challenge.

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Software Development

You are looking for customized software solutions with high quality and individual software developments and not off-the-shelf code. We can do that.


UX & Design

During the creation of your design, we put the user at the center and develop all measures and ideas from the perspective of the end user. We ensure a simple and smooth interaction with the product.


Marketing & Communication

We offer countless efficient methods to build trust and credibility. With instingo you will find a responsible partner.



We integrate gamification into step challenges to efficiently and sustainably achieve the desire for success and the respective goal in the company. You can rely on a self-developed digital platform or we will create individual solutions for you.

Benefits for customers working with instingo

Our customers benefit from our many years of experience in technical development, design, marketing and customer support. Registration and linking of the digital platform is easy for every participant and possible within 5 minutes. Due to our clear customer orientation, individual customer requirements are adapted and implemented. You can determine representations and community goals can be anything from charity to corporate event.






The results of your step challenge always up to date via the dashboard at a glance.

The dashboard reflects the overall result of your employees. The results can be directly incorporated into the CSR reporting of your company. You can download reports to view detailed data on individual performance and engagement, challenge results and group progress over time.

Always up to date

At your request, you will receive a dashboard.
Always up to date with the latest update.

New features on request

New features on request at any time.
We love technical details.


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Here are some nice things people have said about us over the years.

We felt enormous motivation and energy. That also strengthened the sense of belonging to Caverion. The campaign moved us, in the double sense of the word.

Patrick, Hartmann, Director Human Ressources, Caverion

The software and the automatic transfer of the steps worked perfectly at all times. The application was easy to use and could be easily integrated into our work process. The project management was always available and changes and problems were always carried out or solved to the fullest satisfaction.

IBS Filtran, Morsbach

The support was always excellent and the communication between our employees and instingo was exemplary. We were happy to take advantage of the services of instingo and can highly recommend them at any time.

Johannesbad SE & Co. KG, München

I feel like I've climbed Mount Everest by now. That's how often I take the stairs.


At some days we met late in the evening to collect steps until the last minute. That was a lot of fun.

Martin Meuselbach

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