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Galactic health run

Turn your employees into galactic travellers to our planets

The ‘Galactic Health Run’ step challenge in space aims to motivate employees to stay active and promote their health even under extraordinary conditions. Participants are asked to virtually travel through space and collect steps to improve their health.

Participants become virtual ‘galactic travellers’ and collect steps to reach different ‘planets’. Each milestone reached is linked to exciting facts about the universe.

At the ‘planet start’, everyone is on Earth. Simple but effective warm-up exercises are demonstrated to prepare the body for the upcoming ‘space journey’. Emphasis on whole-body movements and flexibility.

Your benefits

Dynamic map


Analytics dashboard: statistics & diagrams

Export data after the end of the challenge

Push messages for participants

instingo app for tracking steps

This is how it works:

  1. Send an enquiry
  2. Discuss expectations/requirements by phone
  3. Agree on details for the implementation
  4. Development of the customised design or standard design with all requirements
  5. Start of the challenge

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